The Benefits of Video Presentations

Students consistently rank video presentations as an essential tool, and most often use it to review concepts and revise. The majority of students still attend classes, even when video of lecture is in place. Instructors have been experimenting with many useful techniques for integrating lecture capture into their courses. Other benefits are:

  1. Saving time giving face to face lectures. Video presentations replace repeat face to face lectures, this creates time for active learning in tutorials.
  2. Recording presentations provides an opportunity to re-organize teaching time, and to rethink content delivery.
  3. Students who watch an online video presentations may be better able to apply what they had learnt than students who attended the same lecture in person.
  4. Audio and video capture with PowerPoint slides may be particularly useful for ‘equation heavy’ disciplines.
  5. Some students rarely ask questions in lectures, particularly in large groups, and prefer to focus on the captured lecture.
  6. Students are more likely to interact in an online forum where they have more time to consider and compose their question carefully.
  7. Provide students with a valuable resource to complement their studies. Students can stop, start and rewind the video to address their specific
  8. needs.
  9. Allow students to catch up if they miss a face-to-face lecture. This also enables them to adopt a more flexible learning pattern if they wish.
  10. Can improve students’ learning and increase their overall level of satisfaction and confidence with the course.