The Best Way To Record A PowerPoint Presentation

If you’ve ever experimented with recording a presentation, you’ve likely tried one of the following:
Recorded narration over your PowerPoint presentation in PowerPoint itself
Used a screen recorder to capture your slides and a voice over
Used Google Hangouts or another video chat tool to record your slides as you present them
While each of these presentation recording methods will undoubtedly produce a resource that is a step above lifeless PowerPoint slides, they all share one glaring shortfall: They still can’t engage your viewers the same way you could if you were presenting right in front of them.
Experienced business professionals and educators will be the first to tell you that the most effective online presentations show both your PowerPoint slides and you presenting. From eye contact to body language, showing the full presentation makes the viewer feel like they are in the room — it will grab your viewer’s attention and improve comprehension and retention of your key points.
When it comes to employee training, class lectures, or any other communication that’s enhanced through show-and-tell, a multi-stream video of you delivering your PowerPoint presentation is ultimately the best way to share information.