Ultimate Video Presentations Guide With Tips and Examples

Let’s all agree, presentations have been there for quite a period of time. In fact the first presentation program was launched way back in 1987 and was available only in Mac. Later Microsoft acquired it and rebranded it as Microsoft PowerPoint. Nowadays presentations are everywhere, be it in educational institutions, companies, organizations, and so many other places. As we evolved over the years, the importance of video also started to grow rapidly which has now lead to presentations take a new format which is Video presentations. In this blog, we’ll look at everything that you need to know about video presentations right from the definition to examples, templates, and the best presentation video maker to create video presentations.

A video presentation could be defined as a video in which multiple slides are used along with audio, video narration along with animation, images to communicate certain specific information with an audience in an engaging manner.

Even after putting a lot of effort into static presentations to make them interactive and engaging there was always a problem of static presentations are lengthy and most cases boring failing to capture the audience’s attention. To give you a perspective, 79% of the audience feel most presentations to be boring. This particular problem is solved with the usage of video presentations as the size of the duration of a video presentation is brought down drastically. Plus video presentations are easy to consume. Viewers can watch it at their pace and it doesn’t mandate all the stakeholders to be present in a physical or virtual place at the same time.