Video Presentation Cover Slide

We all know how important a first introduction is. It’s the reason why we dress up before an important job interview, brush our teeth before a first date, and make a meal look good before we serve it. We all make instant judgments that either give us hope or lower expectations. With your PowerPoint presentation the cover slide (i.e., title slide) is the all-important first introduction. It’s a taste of things to come for the rest of your presentation.

Your PowerPoint presentation cover is also an indicator of quality. It shows your audience how much care has gone into you entire project. Feeling the pressure yet? An exceptional presentation cover gives your audience hope that the presentation will be exceptional. Conversely, a poorly designed or low quality PowerPoint cover conveys a lack of attention to detail. Your audience will mostly assume that if you rushed your cover, you rushed your entire presentation. Right or wrong, that’s the line of logic being used to judge your presentation and you need to be aware of this. Therefore, before you get up on stage to present, take the time to make sure your cover slide rocks.