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(formerly known as PresentationTube)

Record Video Presentations with Audio and Live Webcam Streaming by Combining Multiple PowerPoint Slides, Drawings and Handwritten Data

PresentationTube Recorder can help you really make an impression on your audience by creating video presentations with live webcam footage.It is great tool for business professionals, teachers, and students alike, enabling them to combine elements such as Powerpoint slides, drawings, sketches, texts and online information in order to transmit their ideas and make a clear point.
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Learning Light Supports PresentationTube by Making Open Content Available via the E-Learning Centre

Learning Light, which provides advice and help to organisations on how to use e-learning and learning technologies to improve their business performance, is making PresentationTube available via the The E-Learning Centre website.
By The Free Library.

PresentationTube Offers New Options for Recording and Sharing Presentations

PresentationTube is a free service that teachers can add narration to their PowerPoint presentations. When the service launched last winter it only supported the inclusion of PowerPoint slides. Recently, PresentationTube added support for whiteboard drawings and webpages.
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PresentationTube Project Startup in Oman

Many barriers are facing the selection and development of quality e-content in developing countries, particularly in the Arab region. Many of these barriers could be avoided through rapid e-learning development networks that easily encourage educators to create and share quality e-content themselves.
By Internet Society

PresentationTube is a Fantastic Free Open e-Learning Video-Based Resource!

PresentationTube helps teachers, students and business professionals easily produce and share professional and quality elearning video presentations. It offers a free desktop presentation recorder to narrate and annotate PowerPoint slides and synchronize a variety of essential visual aids, including webcam, whiteboard, drawing board, and web browser.
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PresentationTube: A New Way for Producing & Sharing Video Presentations

The application synchronizes a variety of visual aids, including instructor’s audio and video footage, PowerPoint slides, whiteboard, drawing board, and browser content. With visual aids, like the drawing board, the instructor can draw lines, curves, graphs, and shapes on the screen to emphasize or clarify an idea or concept, so the demonstration can be clearer.
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Create presentation Videos with PresentationTube

Are you looking for an easy way to create presentations and upload them for others to see? Well now you can with PresentationTube. This is a program/service that you can use to create presentations at home (or work, or anywhere) and then share them with anyone you want. It is perfect for both teachers and business professionals.
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PresentationTube: Create & Share Visually Appealing Presentations Online

Presentations are made to be shared with others. You might already have a presentation creation tool installed on your computer; but if you are looking for something that lets you not only create presentations but also to share them online, you should check out a tool called PresentationTube.
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Add Narration and More to Your PPT Files With PresentationTube

PresentationTube is a free service that teachers can add narration to their PowerPoint presentations. In addition to adding narration to your slides, PresentationTube can be used to add whiteboard drawings, webcam images, and webpages to your presentations.
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New Video Site Provides Free Presentation Capture and Delivery to Educators

A professor of educational technology has launched an Arabic and English language network that allows individuals to produce and share video presentations online for free. PresentationTube, created by Alaa Sadik, includes a recording program that lets the user capture a slideshow with video and audio.
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PresentationTube Revamps Presentations To Fit The Modern Age

Most startup entrepreneurs exhibit a tremendous amount of self-belief, finding ways to see progress in setbacks, opportunity in challenges, and victory in failure. The ones who do not think of themselves as overly successful usually mention either a restless energy or an insatiable hunger as a self-motivational tool, a good reason to withhold any self-congratulations. In the assessment of himself as an entrepreneur for KillerStartups readers, founder Dr. Alaa Sadik offers an uncommon evaluation.
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Tech in the Classroom: PresentationTube

PresentationTube Network provides a video presentation recorder and video sharing and streaming network that facilitates the process of producing, publishing and sharing quality, accessible and interactive video presentations. In short, it takes all of your presentation materials and combines them into a single resource.
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Make and View Great Video Presentations Simply and Easily

PresentationTube is a new video presentation application that seems to have caused a bit of a stir since its recent inception. It's a non-profit app for teachers, educators and students that enables the making and use of instructional video presentations and provides all the tools needed to do it.
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50 Web 2.0 Sites for Schools

Recently I've been experimenting with a number of curation sites that are beneficial for creating and sharing lists. While exploring these tools, I've been "fine tuning" my Web 2.0 list for schools. I created a list of 25 Web 2.0 sites for education over a year ago -- but a lot has changed since then. More sites have been developed and more tools are available to students and educators than ever before. This list is in alphabetical order.
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