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Mental and Physical Health
Soomal Qureshi
Mental and physical health presentation

Social and Health Status in Yamen
Mohammed Albaadani
Minorities in Yemen

Human Values & Morality
Antara Kamlay
This topic provide the tools which we can used to live a healthy life or a Good life.

Human Health & Disease
Jugabrat Das
Introduction to transmission of Human pathogen e.g. Salmonella typhi

Dr Priya Singh
Morphology of RBC in health and disease

Back Pain - Yoga in Back Pain
In this module we learn about the role of Yoga and various asanas & mudras in keeping our back healthy and strong

Back Pain - Strength & Posture
In this module we will go through the modalities to increase the strenght of our back muscles and the importance of posture in maintaining back health

Topic 3- Oils & Fats
Dr Y. C. Nainwal
The topic Oil and Fat of week second deals with the various properties of Oils and Fats. The present topic is quite helpful in generating health consciousness among the people.

Teacher Education
Teacher Education is a discipline which educates the progressive generations on what has gone by, where we are, where we want to go, and what we like to create, observing healthy, meaningful and long

Understanding Memory
Dr. Chinmoyee Maharana
This course will give you comprehensive knowledge about memory formation, types of memory, the brain regions involved in memory, what goes wrong with memory when we age or in memory disorders. Further

Stay healthy
Diego López Chávez
Hi teacher, here is mi vidio

Media Proyect Presentation
Estefania Ruiz Matias
Things that i use to stay healthy

Vaccine Availability does not equal Vaccine Accessibility : Racial Equity issues in Covid-19 Vaccine Rollouts in the U.S
Geri Medina, Boston University School of Public Health
Class Presentation for PH783.

Chia final presentation- Covid-19 Fighter App
Chia final presentation
This App is creating for helping school can easier controlling their COVID-19 infection situation. Also, this App can remind Parents and help them to do their child daily health screening exactly. I h

Health Presentation
Jessica Bunn
Arizona House Bill 2050

Posture and postural deformities
Dr. Manju Arora
Health Awareness

Healthcare Ethics
ginevra janus
Overview of Healthcare Ethics

Health care
Gyan Prakash
about health care issues

Health Care System
R J maurya
Intro video

4 Ways to Reduce Stress and Improve Your Health
Brandi Moore
I hope you will get a lot out of everything we are going to cover today! We will talk about the parts sleep, exercise, diet, and mindfulness play in how you process stressful situations and show you t

Health and its dimensions
Dr. Gajanana Prabhu B
Understanding the concept of health and its dimensions

Women health
Rajesh Kumar
Status of women health

Public Health Nutrition
Course Introduction for PHN

Role of Home, school and Society
Role of different agencies to maintain mental health

Mental Health Education

Stress and Health
This is Introductory video for the course on Stress and Health. This is trail lecture video.


Top 10 Health Tips
Health Tips

Mental Health
More T S

L'Acquaponica: come funziona - Aquaponics: how it works
Allevare pesci e gamberi coltivando insieme verdure e vegetali commestibili e ornamentali per ottenere reddito e alimenti sani e sicuri.Raising fish and crayfish farming edible and ornamental plants t

Week 8: Stress
Dionne Detraz
Stress is our probably the biggest roadblock to healthy behavior changes. Let's dive in this week and come up with strategies to help keep your stress in check.

Week 4: Fats
Dionne Detraz
Let's dive in to week 4 of our program; adding healthy fats.

3 Major Medical Saboteurs
Ri Transcription Solutions
3 major risks to healthcare facilities and their patients

Research Proposal
Marlaina Martinez, Kenya Barrios, Syrine Bougatef
Is there a difference in the activity of a convicted murderer vs healthy, average person’s brain?

Kunci Kejayaan dengan Nutrisi Herbalife
Coach Steffi
Learn how to maximize your health and fitness results

Health Care Around the World
U.S. vs The World

TEsting 1
Alisha Webster

Ceramah kesihatan
Learn how to achieve your health and fitness goals

Health talk (MY/EN)
Learn how to achieve your health and fitness goals

Is EMR Rright Choice?
Harsimrat Bagga
This presentation explores is the impact of EMR on healthcare delivery process.

Prevention of Malaria for Health Care Volunteers -Sub Saharan Africa
Matthew Reeves
Community health education methods HED 515

Caffeine Addiction
Yvonne Rice
HED 512 Health Program Planning & Implementation

Vulnerable Populations
Holly Randle
Health Risk and Violence among Vulnerable Populations

4 Steps To A Healthy You
Jason Gordon
Health topics: Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Blood Cholesterol, BMI

Adolescent Pregnancy
Andrea Estes
community health topic for HED 515

Dimensions of Health
HHD Unit 3 - Dimensions of Health

Community Health Presentation
Quyton R Dankins

Stress Presentation
Candis Patterson
Community Health Education Methods

Your Health
Jason Svehla
6 Elements of Health

EDN113 Group Assignment
Group PhysEd
Creating of Authentic Task for Primary School Health and Physical Education


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