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IY1443 - Group Assignment
Mustafa Anil Gungor
Strategy and Business Model

Food service management
Food service management comes with a host of responsibilities that revolve around running the daily operations of the food establishment. Food service managers direct staff to ensure the guests have a


IT Introduction
Sudha K.
This video covered about the Information Technology for Business Course information

Discipline and Discharge in Arbitration
Kraig Maestas
ENMU BLAW 2110 - Business Law and Ethics I (Spring 2021) Professor: Frederick Greene, Esq., J.D., LL.M., Ph.D.

Drug Testing in Business
Travis Oxley
I go over the process of drug testing, the rules and regulations along with it, and the way drug testing affects the attitude of job applicants and employees.

Religion IN and AS Good Business
Dr. Patricia Hunt
MBA Business Law and Ethics Project Spring 2021

Business Law IPP Organized Crime
Sarahi Diaz
Presentation on Organized crime.

Child Sex Trafficking
Tanya Baker
Child Sex Trafficking presentation for Business Ethics. Topic: Human Rights and Crime.

methods of data collection

correlation analysis
Business Statistics sem 3 unit:4

data tabulation
business statistics

Characteristics of business
Characteristics of business

Terrorism and Business
Jesus Silva
Project for comaritive law class.

Environmental Racism IPP
Johnny Baros
IPP Presentation for business law.

Human Rights and Crime
Zant Zamora
Individual Professional Presentation for Business Law, Ethics, and Social Responsibility.

Business Law and Ethics 1 Stress and Work IPP
Francisco Cobian
The following video was made to discuss stress and work as well as ethics involved for my IPP assignment.

Consumer Law
Alexandra Swain
Consumer Law Individual Professional Presentation(IPP) Law, Ethics and Social Responsibility - Business 501 ENMU 11/8/2020

IPP-Gay Marriage & Business Issues
Jessica Silva
Business Law Class

Business Law Summer 2020
Abigail Aragon
Real Estate Law IPP

Technological Environment for Business
Dr Sunil Kumar
Dr. Sunil Kumar, Commerce

Business Environment
Dr Sunil Kumar
Dr. Sunil Kumar Assistant Professor Commerce

Water Pollution
Amy Lucero
IPP for Business 450

Ethan Coombes
This presentation will go in depth describing corporations within international businesses and the laws that accompany them. Along with this, corporation crime will be talked about and how it may infl

Employment Discrimination
C. McClain
IPP for International Business regarding employment discrimination

Illegal Immigration
Naomi Farmer
Created for Business Law 2110

IPP Presentation: Women In the Workplace
Carrie Kuhn
IPP Presentation for Business LawTopic: Feminist Issues in Business

Beginners in Management
Dr. Lalatendu Kesari Jena
A manager is said to marshal the organization's resources (i.e. people, finances, facilities, and equipment) for realizing the fundamental goal of an enterprise. “Principles of Management” defines

Fundamentals of Management
Dr. Lalatendu Kesari Jena
“Management” broadly refers to planning and coordination of works to produce desired result. A “Manager” is a person who practices management by working with and through people in order to acc

Business Economics
Introduction to BE

Rafter case study
Len Bass
a case study in business contiinuity

The Trademark Law
Daniel Madmony Ziegler
Business Law and Ethics , Summer 2019

Business Communication IPP
Moriah Nolan
BUS 230 IPP- Moriah Nolan

ARM 321
Agribusiness Managment

White Collar Crime
Klara Sawyer
Small Business

Business Communication
Matthew Askew
Ways to communicate in the business world ethically

Equal Pay for Equal Work
Rebecca Boehs
IPP Presentation for Small Business and Entrepreneurship

ecology theory and sustainability
Huei-Ting Tang
the presentation for business laws course

New Mexico Real Estate Law
Venessa Ruiz
Business Law

Agribusiness IPP
Keane Brown
IPP for BUS 305 Dr. Greene

Parental Leave and Work
Victoria Gosselin
Business Law and Ethics Spring 2019

Physician Burnout
Catherine Harrington
Business 501 IPP

Business Quiz Rapid fireround

Location Based Mobile Advertising in Small Businesses
Dr. Sunil Kumar
Location Based Mobile advertising in Indian Context

Business Communication
Larry Baker-Bruce
ipp assignment

Gay Marriage and Business Issues
Delaney Fussell
Dr. Greene's BUS 151

Terrorism and Business
Jacob Aguilar
How does terrorism affects business

week1 lecture
Manjula Pindi
fundamentals of business

Terrorism and Business
Jacob Aguilar
Terrorism and Business

Free Speech in Business
Bryce Welborn
Law and ethics

Feminist Theory and Business Law
Megan Erlandson
Individual Professional Presentation for Business Law and Ethics

Privacy in Business
Privacy issues in business - Facebook

Product Liability
Kristin Ortiz
Product Liability and Business Ethics

Working Women and Maternity Leave
Valerie Arellanes
Business and Ethical implications of maternity leave

Business 501- IPP
Jose E Chavez
Gentrification Presentation

IPP: Copyright Law
Reagan Runyan
Business Law and Ethics IProfessor Greene

Fundamentals of business
Manjula Pindi
course duration : 4 weeks

Fundamentals of Business
Manjula Pindi
course duration : 4 weeksqualification desirable : 10 2 level


Computer Crime: WannaCry
Lorenzo Rojas
Presentation for Business Law

Working Women and Maternity Leave
Mariana Rodriguez
Business 230

Working Women and Maternity Leave
Business 230

Gay Marriage and Business Issues
Olivia Land
Bus. 230Dr. Greene

Ethical Reasoning for Drug Testing
Vanessa Harvey
BUS 230 Business Law

Learning outcome
Dr. Surendra Malviya
Learning Outcome for E-Business Fundamental course

Business ethics
Unit 2

Course Demo
Dr Ravi M V
Bachelor of Business Administration

Business Ethics
Subject Introduction


Gabriel Quintero
IPP Presentation for my business law and ethics class

Kailee Ramirez
Medical Marijuana and Business Law

business law
mackenzie loren
business law

Business Communication Ethics
Mike Zicaro
Communication Ethics

Banking Regulations
Tamika Eddington
Presentation for Business Law and Ethics I

IPP Jonghyun Kim
Jonghyun Kim
ENMU - Business law and ethics. IPP by JONGHYUN KIM.

Gay Marriage and Business Issues
Chelsea Lampkin

Social Media in Business
Haley Hall
Explain how social media is used in the workplace and legal issues to consider.

Employee Evaluations
IPP Business Law and Ethics

Business Presentation
Business Presentation

White Collar Crime
Jacob Reese
Presentation for Business 501Spring 2018

Audit Programs and Evolving Business Ethics
Kate Smith
This is a presentation on the shaping of past, present, and future audit programs due to the ever changing regulatory environment.

Gay marrige and Business issues
Bobbie Z. McCandless
ENMU Bus. 501

Gay Marriage and Business Issues
Bobbie McCandless
Business 501

Business Communication
Susan Stevens
Business Communication

Expanding Our Business Into Mexico
Jenna Dyjur
Looking over what it will tak to expand the business and build a strong and larger company

business law
aman yadav
business law

business communication
Manohar n
trail 001

Business Communication
Brianne Borowicz
Summary of key findings in formal report

Quantitative Techniques for Business Decisions

Formal Report
arlene muamba
Business Communication 1

Business Ethics
Lisa Bohannon

Doing Business in China
Oral Presentation 2

Object Oriented Business Modeling
Frank Alleman
Trainig how to model business processes using OO techniques

Business Environment
Dr. Azhar Ali

Business Environment
Azhar Ali

Law and the Entrepreneur
William Powell
A presentation that covers laws that affect the creation of a business by an entrepreneur.

Social Responsibility of Business
Kulveer Kamble
Social Responsibility of Business

Third-Party Rights
Ian Hausenfleck
Business Law 230 IPP

Same Sex Marriage and Business Issues
Presentation for BUS 230

Same Sex Marriage and Business Issues
Presentation for BUS 230

Same-Sex Marriage And Business Issues
Autumn Saldana
Presentation for BUS 230

Same-Sex Marriage And Business Issues
Autumn Saldana
Presentation for BUS 230

Stress and Work
Cesar Olivas
Business Laws and Ethics

Same Sex Marriage and Business Issues
Autumn Saldana
Presentation for BUS230

Ethics/Small Business
IPP Presentation

Business Law and Ethics
M. Eliza Romero
Economic Development

The Value of Trust in Business
Taylor Martinez
Individual Professional Presentation BUS 230

International Trade Law
Fernando Anchondo
International Business law

Religious Accommodation in the Workplace
Brian Oliver
Business Ethics ENMU Fall 2017

Medical Marijuana Regulations and Ethical Concerns
Holly Ridenour
Business Ethics 501 ENMU

Gay Marriage & Business Issues
Kaline Carter
ENMU BUS 501 Class presentation

White Collar Crime
Crystal Jones
Business Law

Assignment 3
Carrie Baldwin Gambuzza
Question 1 - Choose a local business and identify if the information system supports the business processes

Assignment 3
Ishtiaque-Al Mahmood
Cloud Computing for Small Business

Business Communications Professional E-Mailing
Magan Neal
How to professionally e-mail, for a final in my business communications clas

Microsoft Vega Project
Final Office 2
This is an analysis of Microsoft Vega Project case study conducted by Harvard Business School

International Trade Law
John Young
Business Law and Ethics IPP

Employment Discrmintion
Malcolm Smith
Business Law

Equal Pay for Equal Work
Micah Friend
A presentation for a "Business Law and Ethics" class, by Micah Friend

Drug Testing
Saige Bell
Business Law IPP

Stress and Work
Business Law

Stress and Work
Rhiannon Barela
Business Law

Business Law IPP
Price Drake
Business Law IPP

White Collar Crime
Price Drake
Business Law IPP

Patent Law
Bruce Zhu
Business LawDr. Greene

Partnership:Business Law and Ethics

Air Pollution and the Law
Alec Lemmon
Business Law and Ethics ENMU

Air Pollution and the Law
Alec Lemmon
Business Law and Ethics IPP

EDaSS 2017
Rodrigo Caiado
The synergy between Lean Thinking and Sustainable Development in the business environmentinnovative framework to foster the synergy between sustainability and Lean thinking in the business environment

Business communications
jared butler
ethics of business communications

Waste Management IPP
Shelby Corn
Business Law 317

Free Speech in a Business Context
Beau Martinez
Brief discussion about Free Speech in a Business Context citing Supreme Court Rulings and Acts of Congress.

Corporate Criminal Liability
Sean Fry
Business 501 Presentation on Corporate Criminal Liability

Internal Audit
Jacky Welch
Power point and video of internal audit presentation for Business Law

Income statement presentation
Oskari Liias
(LUG) English Communication for Business and Management ON LINE-COURSE

Ecology Theory
William Christopher Marnell
A short homemade presentation on Ecology Theory for ENMU Business Law and Ethics Course

WHirlpool Electrolux comparison
Emanuele Romanello
comparison between Whirlpool electrolux about their primary interest and theri business governance

Warranty Law
Jonathan Elkins
This is my presentation of Warranty law for BUS 230: Business law and ethics.

Dram Shop Act
Emmery Gay
IPP for Business Law 230

Containment Theory
Todd Atkinson
Business Law and Ethics

IPP Presentation
Paloma Martin
For Business Law and Ethics I

Farm Fresh Express Business
Wendy Allen
Political Frame

Employee Crime Control
Steven Zamora
Business Law 230

Gay Marriage and Ethics in Business
Marissa Mowrer
A discussion of gay marriage, the lgbt community, and how employers can understand the ethics associated with it.

IPP Presentation
Mason Odom
Gay Marriage and Business

Femist Theories Affecting Business
Zhuoqun Fan
Feminism and Business

Humans Rights and Crimes
Ashlyn Castoe
Business Law Ethics Final

Water pollution Laws
Areli Beltran
Business Law, Professor Greene Class

Organized Crime
Jared Gay
2016 IPP Business Law and Ethics Dr.Greene

Sexual Harassment
Dawn Avers
Business Law- ENMU

Pediatric Medical Equipment Recycling Network
Hannah Christenson & Hang Zhong
Business proposal

Sarmin Sultana
Conducting a research on Poor Leadership qualities and failure of businesses

Phillips 66
Justin kirk
Presentation for Business communications class

Business System Flow #2
Victoria Shetler
System Flow #2

Business System: The Customer Service Training
Victoria Shetler
Business System: The Customer Service Training

Comparative Global Business Systems
Comparative Global Business Systems video lecture

IBM Article Review
Merrie Derderian
Overview of IBM business strategies


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