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Types of Psychological Test - Part1
Dr. Sonika - Assistant Professor - HPU Regional Centre, Dharamshala (H.P.)
Types of Psychological Testing on the basis of human behavior. On the basis of human behavior, psych

Introductory Video -Psychological Tests for Organizational settings
Dr. Sonika
Psychological tests are tool by which HR manager measure human characteristics to recognize the righ

Human Values & Morality
Antara Kamlay
This topic provide the tools which we can used to live a healthy life or a Good life.

Human Values & Morality
Antara Kamlay
This course Human Values & Morality is needed for providing the students with knowledge on Value sys

Human Health & Disease
Jugabrat Das
Introduction to transmission of Human pathogen e.g. Salmonella typhi

Organizational Behavior Approaches Final
Brooke Middleton
Focus on Human Resources and Contingency Approaches

Introduction to Human Resource Management
Dr. Chaithanya
Introduction to Human Resource Management

Anatomy Introduction
Eman Essa
Introduction of human anatomy

Normal flora
RJM Core video 1
The video provides detailed information on normal flora of human body, giving examples of various mi

Child Sex Trafficking
Tanya Baker
Child Sex Trafficking presentation for Business Ethics. Topic: Human Rights and Crime.

Human Rights and Crime
Zant Zamora
Individual Professional Presentation for Business Law, Ethics, and Social Responsibility.

Alberts Experiment
Surjya Kumar Saikia
Classical conditioning in human being

Air Pollution and the Laws
Asante Muyungga
ABSTRACT Air quality is essential to the quality of human lives, animals, vegetation and including

Narration and Representation
Sajna A
Methodology of Humanities: Narration and Representation - Part 1

Persons with disability Act, 1995
Mr. C.R.Jangra
This act policies for persons with disabilities. include education, vocational training and employme

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs
Mrs. Angela Gadroo
Maslow has developed a hierarchical order of needs from physiological to self actualization needs. T

Humanities_Week 1 Exit
Krishna Patil
Week 1 Exit

Humanities Week Intro
Krishna Patil
Week 1 Intro

Humanities Introduction
Bhasha Shikshan

Introduction to Archaeology and its Typology
Dr. Rajiv Jaiswal
Archaeology is branch of Anthropology, which deals with human past through material culture. in this

Exit Video
Dr.Surshma Sharma
Human Rights and Environment

Introduction to week 1
Dr.Surshma Sharma
Human Right and Environment

right to development
right to development and human rights

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
social Science G2
Moocs Group Acrivity

Human Values And Professional Ethics
Geetha Madhuri
Foundation Courses




C Programming
Course on C

Function Overloading

Human Rights Education an overview
Dr. Sunil Kumar
Asst. Prof. Commerce, Govt. P.G. College, Obra Sonbhadra-231219

Human Rights Education -An Overviews
Dr. Sunil Kumar
Asst. Professor in Commerce, Govt. P.G. College, Obra Sonbhadra UP India-231219

Human Rights
Dr. Vibha Pandey
BRD GOVT Degree College Duddhi Sonebhadra

Human Rights Education - An Overview
Dr. Sunil Kumar
Human Rights Education

Human Rights Education
Dr. Sunil Kumar
Human Rights Education for all

Cultural Factors of Human Development
Dr. Rajesh Verma
Cultural Factors of Human Development

मानव विकास के सांस्कृतिक कारक
Dr. Rajesh Verma
मानव विकास के सांस्कृतिक कारक (Cultural Factors o

मानव विकास के सामाजिक कारक
Dr. Rajesh Verma
मानव विकास के सामाजिक कारक (Social Factors of Human Deve

Social factors of Human development
Dr. Rajesh Verma
Social Factors of Human Development in English

Biological Factors of Human Development
Dr. Rajesh Verma
Biological Factors of Human Development

मानव विकास के जैविक कारक
Dr. Rajesh Verma
मानव विकास के जैविक कारक (Biological factors of human develo

Principles of Development
Dr. Rajesh Verma
The principles of human development (3 Biological and 9 General Principles)

Module 3- Human Resource Management
Dr. Tanaya Nayak
Human Resource Management

Humanities Challenges and Hopes
Anand Bhushan Pandey
This video talks about the challenges for and hopes of humanities as a stream of knowledge

Concept of Human Development
Dr. Rajesh Verma
Concept of Human Development in Engligh

Human Values and Professional Ethics
value education for all

Effects of Exercise on Human Body
arvind kumar
Effects of exercise

Human Rights and Crimes
Kristofer Cordova
Comparative Law

Hector Baeza
IPP Project

Human Rights in the Neoliberal world
Struggles against slavery, apartheid and racism in Europe and Africa.French, Russian and Chinese rev


Introductin to developmental biology of plants
DB is a key discipline in the life sciences, a motor for research into human disease and fertility,


Human Right Diploma

Presentacion de la materia
Eva Guadalupe Perez de la Cruz
Presentación de la materia de derechos humanos

Proyecto de Intervencion MEVA
Jesus Alberto Medina
Programa De Educación Universitaria “Aprender A Aprender”, A Través De Los Estudios Pedagógic

Human Wildlife conflict
Dr. seema
current issue of Human with wildlife would be discussed

Unidad 2- Paso 3
Plan de Gestión de Recurso Humano
Gestión de Recurso Humano

Law of three stages of human knowledge
Dr. Yudhvir Zaildar
Human KnowledgeLaw of three stages

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal on First Nations Child Welfare
Kanisha Holt
The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal on First Nations Child Welfare

Human Defence Mechanism
Dr. Masroor Fatima
Human immune system; Innate immunity and complement system

international human rights
Ananya Chakraborty
Introduction of the course on International Human Rights

Why We Should Not Pursue the Development of Smart AI - Speech Final Exam
Berkeley Reynolds
This speech is my final exam. I talk about why we, humans, should not pursue the development of smar

fandamentel of humanright

vivencia del cuidado humano en pacientes con trastorno de la imagen corporal
Vivencia del cuidado humano
Vivencia del cuidado humano en paciente con trastorno de la imagen corporal de la unidad de Infectoc

Fases degenerativas cerebrales a causa de Traumatismos Craneoencefálicos constantes en el Ser Humano.
El traumatismo craneoencefálico ocupa el primer lugar por su frecuencia y gravedad entre la gran va

human resource
human resource

Human Resource
Sarika Sharma
People are the heart of any organization. When people feel the organization is responsive to their

Administracion de EH
Luis Arriaga
Proceso de recursos humanos.

Psicología Humanista y Ciencia

Treball Final de Grau
Psicología Humanista y Ciencia

Space Shuttle Challenger
Human Factor Analysis

Human Trafficking
ENMU Summer 2016

Humans Rights and Crimes
Ashlyn Castoe
Business Law Ethics Final

Human Rights and Crime
Lucia Serrano
BUS 317

Human Rights and Crime
Lucia Serrano
What are human rights

How Natural is it?
Carolyn Bussey
Understanding spoken dialogue systems and their uses in human-computer interaction

Epidermolysis Bullosa
Andrea Estes
Survey of Human Disease Spring 2015

Yvonne Rice
Presentation for the class HED 516 Survey of Human Disease

Human Trafficking
Presentation about Human Trafficking

Pasiones en el Tratado de la naturaleza humana
Análisis de los distintos tipos de pasiones descritos por Hume dentro de su obra "Tratado de la nat

Curso de Educação Emocional
Angela Antunes
Relações humanas mais saudáveis. Mais em paz comigo. Para uma vida com menos stress.


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Child Safety
Safe for Kids

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