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haifa said ahmed baabood
Information about Japan

Introduction to Measures of Dispersion
Najma begum
Information regarding the types of measures of dispersion

Module 4: Food adulteration
RJM FSQM Core video 4
This core video contains information on what is food adulteration, diifferent adulterated and commonly adulterated products, as well as harmful effects of DULTERATION

IT Introduction
Sudha K.
This video covered about the Information Technology for Business Course information

Module 2: Normal flora
RJM Core video 1
The video provides detailed information on normal flora of human body, giving examples of various microorganisms found in different body sites. Role of normal flora in human body is also focussed

1-5 Blood Bank
Priscilla Marino
PCS orientation information about the blood bank.

Meaning, definition, Objectives and advantages of inventory control and information about different techniques use for Inventory control

Module 5 Training Presentation
Eric Knyazhev
Training presentation for Computer Information Systems

Statistical Analysis
Harshita jain
The science which deals in our day to day life and having hold in this domain can make you Astrologer (Data Scientist) who plays with numbers and predicts the certain information about future. Here we

IoT communication protocols
Dr. Chandra Sekhar Vasamsetty
Information about various interoperable communication protocols useful in IoT environment at various layers

3-3-C Whipple-Aneurysms
Thomas DeSanto
Whipple-Aneurysms information and lecture.

Introduction to Information Security
Dr. Bhaskar Mondal
Introduction to Information Security

Course Introductory Video
Provides Preregistration information on the course. the content , evaluation pattern and the use of the course is highlighted in brief

Engg team introductory video
provides course information

well irrigation
basic information about well irrigation

edX VS GMAC Executive Assessment preparation user interface design
Ivan Begtin Q6
Ivan Begtin. Student ID: 23057474Q6: Search the web to find an example of one good and one bad user interface design in information system packages. What makes good and bad design in these interfaces?

Outsourcing: The Pros and Cons of Offshore Information Processing
Alexander Hahn
Outsourcing: The Pros and Cons of Offshore Information Processing

course title
L. Khongiang

Course Overview: Basic Tamil Computing
David Jeyaraj Franklin
An overview of the Certificate Course in Basic Tamil Computing with information regarding the objective of the course modules, course teachers, content, assessment pattern and the final outcome

Swayam course
Group 1 - Rashmi
Information Literacy

Swayam course
Group 1
Information Literacy

Information Literacy
Group 6
This is an introductory video on Information Literacy On-line Course

Types of bonding
k arunodaya

Information sources
About information sources

Information Sources
About different types of sources

Information sources
About Information sources

Information Sources
About Types of Information sources

Internet as Information Sources
Library science

Online Degrees Overview
Scott McDermott
2018 Online Computer Information Systems DPCLs

online resources at BHU
vivekanand jain
online information resources and free e-resources

Web Designing
Brief Information About Web Designing

Plant structure, anatomy and physiology
Dr. Naveena
this video gives information about the morphological, anatomical, cytological and physiological basics

ppt presention
Lakshmi Kumari
ppt on information source

Science and Technology
Animesh Shukla
Information Technology

Medical Marijuana Laws
Shannon Ortiz
Presentation discussing Medical marijuana laws and general information.

Information Seeking in Digital Age
Mohit Garg
This video presentation will give you ideas to seek information in digital age.

All Degrees Overview
Scott McDermott
2018 Advising Information

ict information

Information Communication Technology and Libraries
Mr. Amit Kumar
ICT, Information Communication Technology , Libraries

information communication technology

Right To Information Act
Video gives a brief description to readers about the RTI act.

Rainer James Barrozo
My presentation for Assignment No. 3 in Information Systems Analysis and Design

CCE in Social Science
Information about CCE

salami theft
information security

Right To Information
Certificate Course for SWAYAM MOOC

Right to Information

Introduction to Information Security
Sample Video
This course deals with different security issues and how to prevent them

Diego Jaramillo
A presentation of my academic and personal information

GMU Global Affairs MA Online Info Session
Dr. Lisa Breglia and Stephanie Lister
Online Information Session for Prospective Students to GMU Global Affairs MA Program

Assignment 3
Carrie Baldwin Gambuzza
Question 1 - Choose a local business and identify if the information system supports the business processes

Dean Morters
A presentation on a information system

Offshore Information Processing
Bob Wang
Assignment 3 - Q3 Offshore Information Processing

Assignment 3 - Information Systems Analysis
Siamak Mianji
How to estimate task duration for Project Management Purposes

Four Seasons Hotel & Resorts
Sydney Carlat
Information regarding the Four Seasons Hotel & Resorts

Herpes A Permenant Disease
Holly Randle
General Information you Should Know about Herpes

Childhood Obesity
Taime Griffin
Information every parent should know

Hand Sanitizer Project
Team 1 7B
Here we are going to show how to do hand sanitizer, with more information of it

Job Search Transition Ideas
D. Paul Firenze
My personal portfolio web site now lands on transition page to assist people who are between jobs with free and paid information.

A new look at Cholera
Lawrence C. Hill
this presentation is full of information about Cholera and how it is destroying Haiti.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Cassondra Walker
This presentation pertains information about SIDS presented to first time moms at the Starkville Womens Clinic.

Tina Rogers
Information on measurement.

ADHD Information
Aspinall, Rachel
ADHD Information

Abdullah Albakri
This presentation provide information about xerostomia.


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