Types of Spindles and Spindle fibres formed during Cell Division

Pydipati Lakshmi Padmavathi
THREE TYPES OF SPINDLE FIBRES WERE DISTINGUISHED. They are chromosomal fibres , continuous fibres and interzonal fibres . Chromosomal fibres or kinetochore fibres extend from the kinetochore(assembling protein complex in the centromere region) to the pole of the spindle. They shorten during cell division and pull the daughter chromosomes and push the spindle poles apart, thus separating the chromosomes. Continuous fibres or polar fibres extend from pole to pole without attaching to the chromosomes. They elongate during cell division and push the spindle poles apart thus separating the chromosomes. Interzonal fibres these are formed between the chromosomes which helps in holding the chromosomes on equatorialplate.
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05:17 | 04/10/21 | 159
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