Suggestions for Preparing Your Video Presentation

When preparing your video presentation, please keep the following suggestions in mind:

  • Select a slide format that has high contrast and readable text.
  • Avoid busy patterns or images which can be difficult to read.
  • Use large text so that it is easy to read and displays well on some attendee’s devices.
  • Patterns and small text are prone to video compression artifacts and other distortions when the video is streamed.
  • People with Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) can have difficulties distinguishing between different colors in graphics and slides.
  • Organize your content to be clear and approachable to everyone.
  • Instead of relying on equations or detailed definitions, you can connect better with your audience through real-world examples.
  • Explain your approach in the context of the questions you are trying to answer.
  • When explaining results, focus on how they tie back to your original questions.
  • Add images, demonstrations, and other illustrative tools where appropriate.
  • Limit bulleted lists to no more than five bullets and avoid cluttering your slides with text.
  • Be selective with visuals and ensure that all images have descriptive text for increased accessibility.
  • Since you are creating and editing the final video, you can easily include system demos or animations directly within the presentation.
  • Consider creating a script and designing your presentation with captioning in mind: minimize how much content you place on the lower third of your slides to improve the readability when the captioning is added.