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Slideator is a free, non-profit platform that removes barriers to creating and sharing impactful video content. Help us empower millions of educators, trainers, students, and business professionals to share their knowledge and ideas through video content. Donations help us:

Maintain a best-in-class platform
Donations like yours ensure Slideator remains a best-in-class platform. They fund critical maintenance, security updates, and ongoing improvements that keep Slideator running smoothly and offering the best possible experience for educators, students, and professionals.

Support our development team
Your donation directly supports our talented development team. It helps them maintain Slideator, fix bugs, and create exciting new features for educators and learners worldwide.

Ensure quality video experiences
Donations like yours ensure high-quality video experiences for everyone on Slideator. This means educators can create clear and engaging presentations, and students can access top-notch learning materials that enhance their understanding and retention.

Empower innovation in education
Donations empower innovation in education by supporting the development of new features and functionalities on Slideator. This allows educators to create interactive video presentations, personalize learning experiences, and explore innovative ways to engage students through video.

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