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We developed Slideator to automate the process of video recording and ensure that educators, trainers, speakers, students, and business professionals need minimal technical knowledge and spend no additional time creating and sharing their video presentations, class video lectures, e-learning tutorials, pre-recorded conference presentations, digital stories, webinars, interviews, and documentaries.

Slideator video recorders allow you to import your slide content in all popular formats, narrate and annotate your slides, and synchronize a variety of visual media, including live camera feed, whiteboard, and desktop screen.

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Slideator works on any desktop or mobile device using any operating system, and from the comfort of the user's own browser without the need to download and install any apps, extensions, or add-ins. Slideator is designed for integration with any LMS, MOOC, or CMS to help users create, manage, and share their videos without leaving their own envirnment.

Slideator platform combines video with scrollable slide thumbnails, allowing the audience to control video and move to the respective video content.

To start recording, sign up for your free account, then launch Slideator Cloud Recorder in your browser without downloading or installing any apps, extensions, or add-ins, or download and install the Desktop Recorder.

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Latest Cloud Technology

Slideator uses the latest Google Cloud and YouTube Data API technology to record, process and share your online video presentations. Just one click to record, save, and publish your video presentation to bring it to life.

Oneclick to Share

Publish and share your video presentation link via your LMSs, CMSs, MOOCs, or social media like WhatsApp, and Facebook. Encourage your audience to interact with video content and control both the progress and length of video.