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Slideator Web Recorder is the first pure Web-based video presentation recorder. The recorder is compatible with all operating systems (MS Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, etc.), devices (desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.), and browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, etc.). To record your presentation, you need no software, app or extension to download or install in your device. The Web Recorder helps you to record and share quality video presentations and tutorials easily and effectively from your browser. The Web Recorder allows you to narrate and annotate PowerPoint slides and synchronize your webcam stream.

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Windows Recorder

Slideator Recorder for Windows 10 allows you to record, and annotate PowerPoint presentations, and synchronize a variety of essential visual media, including your camera and computer screen. Slideator Recorder automates the process of recording and ensures that presenters only need minimal technical knowledge and spend no additional time creating or editing video materials. With our modern online video hosting and sharing platform, you can upload your recorded video presentations with scrollable slide thumbnails, allowing the audience to move to the respective video content and control both the progress and length of video tutorials.



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