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Record your video presentation

Record your video presentation

Slideator recorders allow you to record and annotate your slides, and synchronize a variety of visual media, including your live camera feed, whiteboard, and desktop screen. The recorders work with any operating system, and allow you to import slides in PowerPoint, Keynote, OpenDocument, and PDF formats.

Using Slideator Recorders you can:
Open and display real slides within the recorder window.
Add slide annotations for easy narration while presenting.

Share with your audience

Slideator videos are designed for sharing and embedding in any LMS or MOOC.

Slideator allows you to:
Combine video with scrollable slide thumbnails, allowing the audience to move to the respective video content and control both the progress and length of videos.
Upload and host your videos with unlimited video storage space and delivery bandwidth.

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The nice thing about Slideator is that it provides the recording and hosting tools in one place so that you don't have to record and then upload the video to another site.
Richard Byrne